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Orthodox Companion
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The idea for this book originated when in the course of his pastoral work the compiler felt the need for a manual containing an explanation of the most important prayers every Orthodox Catholic ought to know. At the same time he decided to gather into one volume some of the other information every pious Christian should have at his fingertips. The result is a sort of explanatory prayer book and handbook or guide to devotion and church behavior. This book however does not pretend to exhaust either the deep well-springs of Orthodox devotional life, nor yet the science of theology. Some sections, such as those on the Beatitudes, the Creed and Commandments, which are dealt with in various Catechisms, are here treated, with some exceptions, but cursorily.

In the Church School this book should prove most useful in the Senior class where a more extensive course on prayer is given. However, there is much in it which can provide supplementary instruction and work for memorization in younger classes. Thus the book may be used for preparing children for Confession and Communion, instructing them in church behavior, teaching them to make more effective use of the Bible, and generally laying the basis for a rule of life.

This book, however, is not intended merely for Church School use; it should prove useful for parents in the instruction of their children and for the layman in general who wishes to learn more about his Faith. The parish priest, particularly in the smaller parishes, may be able to find material here for use in sermons.