Lamentations-Orthodox Chants of Holy Week

Lamentations-Orthodox Chants of Holy Week

Lamentations-Orthodox Chants of Holy Week
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From the Publisher:

"The best-loved hymns of Holy Week, drawing from Byzantine (Greek, Antiochian, and Romanian traditions), Serbian, Russian, and Bulgarian repertories, are sung by a professional-level ensemble in the glorious acoustics of St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Orange. Connecticut.

Listeners say: "...[the singers] launched out into deep waters of choral beauty that I have really never heard. It was really stunning!" "This project took my breath away!" "...beautiful blend and unified ensemble on a high level of artistry."

1 Alleluia...Behold the Bridegroom (Anonymous)

2 Alleluia...Behold the Bridegroom (Byzantine Chant, ed. A. Khalil, V. Morosan)

3 Alleluia...Behold the Bridegroom (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)

4 Exaposteilarion: "Thy Bridal Chamber" (Alex Khalil)

5 Come, O Faithful (Klimov/Lebedev)

6 Antiphon XV; Great and Holy Friday Matins (Dn S Trubachov)

7 Kontakion "Come, Let Us All Sing" (Common Russian Chant)

8 Exaposteilarion: "The Wise Thief" - chant (Maia Aprahamian)

9 Exaposteilarion: "The Wise Thief" - choral (Maia Aprahamian)

10 Exaposteilarion: "The Wise Thief" (Alexander Kastalsky)

11 Holy Friday Aposticha - Optina Hermitage Melody (Automelon)

12 Holy Friday Aposticha, Doxastichon (arr. Helen Benigsen)

13 The Noble Joseph; When Thou Didst Descend; The Angel Came (Byzantine Chant)

14 Lamentations, Stasis 1 (Zaitsev; Byzantine; Hristov; Romanian)

15 Lamentations, Stasis 2 (Byzantine - Antiochian; Romanian; Serbian; Zaitsev)

16 Lamentations, Stasis 3 (Byzantine (Antiochian; Romanian; Greek)

17 Resurrectional Troparia (Evlogetaria) (Peloponnesios, Petros)

18 Canon of Holy Saturday, Ode 1 - Lesser Znamenny Chant

19 Canon of Holy Saturday, Ode 3 - Lesser Znamenny Chant

20 Canon of Holy Saturday, Ode 5 - Lesser Znamenny Chant

21 Canon of Holy Saturday, Ode 8 - Lesser Znamenny Chant

22 Canon of Holy Saturday, Ode 9 - Lesser Znamenny Chant

23 The Noble Joseph - Bulgarian Chant

24 Come, Let Us Bless Joseph - Dmitry Bortniansky
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