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Orthodox Preaching

Orthodox Preaching
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By: Fr. James Hamrick

In a relativistic postmodern age that is skeptical of propositional truth claims but that is “wired” for images and stories, the iconic nature of Orthodox preaching offers a compelling answer for effectively communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Orthodox Preaching as the Oral Icon of Christ addresses the current crisis of preaching in our age and approaches the homiletics from an iconological perspective, revealing how Orthodox preaching sacramentally mediates the presence of the Risen Lord in the midst of the assembly through artful and imaginative word images. The goal is that lives are personally touched and transformed. Just as Orthodox icons are understood to be “windows into heaven,” so effective Orthodox preaching may be understood to transport the listener into the realm of the Holy where lives may be interpreted and transfigured in the light of the Gospel and indeed in the very presence of Christ.
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