Antiochian House of Studies Books Unit 3 The Challenge of Our Past

The Challenge of Our Past

The Challenge of Our Past
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John H. Erickson

The Church is not a static object.  It lives in time, in history.  This means that its past is not just a matter of fact.  It also poses a challenge.  Christians are obliged to take seriously the problem of historical change.  They must reflect on what gives the Church its identity in time and space, even in the midst of change.

Required for Antiochian House of Studies, Unit 3
174 pages
Published 1991
size: 9 x 6 x 0.5”
ISBN: 0-88141-086-1

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The Church of the Ancient Councils:  The disciplinary work of the first four ecumenical councils
Collection of Articles for Unit 5: Pastoral Topics in Orthodox Canon Law
The Christian Tradition: The Emergence of the Catholic Tradition
Philippians: A Commentary
Welcome to the Orthodox Church
Persons In Communion: A Theology of Authentic Relationships
Feed My Sheep
With the Voice of theArchangel
The Pastorals

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