Marriage & Family The Treasured Traditions and Customs of the Orthodox Churches

The Treasured Traditions and Customs of the Orthodox Churches

The Treasured Traditions and Customs of the Orthodox Churches
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Mary Paloumpis Hallick, Ed.D.

While our dogmas and worship are the same, we are enriched, as Orthodox Christians, by many different cultural traditions and customs.

When our parents and grandparents migrated to America, it was natural for them to reside within their own ethnic group.  For them, there was a comfort to being with their own people.  In addition, the social, economic, and political climate was not friendly to the new immigrants, and they found a sense of security in numbers.  Rarely did they meet Orthodox Christians of other ethnic backgrounds.  They worshipped in their own national Orthodox churches and seldom did they meet socially.  For the most part, each group stayed within its own ethnic group.

It is not my intent to write of all the customs and traditions observed in the Orthodox churches.  It must be noted that in each little village, large city or region of every country, there are customs and traditions unique to that area.  In addition, there are many themes and variations of the same custom or tradition.  Therefore, it is my desire to present only the more common traditions and customs, and thus, help increase awareness and understanding between the different ethnic Orthodox churches in America.

-The Author

105 pages
Published 2001
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