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When you Feast

When you Feast
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From the Publisher:
"When You Feast: Recipes for Celebrations
When You Feast, a collection of delicious recipes by Chef Natale Fasciani (affectionately known as “Chef Nat” at St Vladimir’s Seminary), is the companion volume to Catherine Mandell’s When You Fast. Chef Nat has created a panoply of mouth-watering recipes for everything from snacks to main courses and desserts.

“Sharing food is a very human thing to do. It is an act that demonstrates a very ancient understanding of food as more than just the intake of calories. The sharing of food is a sign of ‘belonging’ and an expression of friendship that is something uniquely human. Since the earliest times, hospitality (philoxenia—literally ‘the love of strangers’) has been expressed by the sharing of food. And so, Mr Fasciani shares his love of food and the community he serves through the recipes presented in this book.” — From the foreword by Archbishop Benjamin (OCA Diocese of the West)

Natale Fasciani, St Vladimir’s own chef extraordinaire has been cooking up delicious meals for hordes of hungry students and special seminary events since 2006. In addition to cooking for the school Chef Nat, along with his wife Teresa, owns and operates Adriano Catering in Westchester County, NY.

A complete list of recipes:

Adobo Mexican Pork Chops 72
almond Crusted Halibut 104
amish Chicken Casserole 47
apple Crisp 121
apple enchiladas 122
apple strudel 123
Bacon oatmeal Cookies 124
Bacon-Wrapped Bratwursts 73
Bacon-Wrapped scallops 22
Baked Bananas 125
Baked Chicken and pomodoro 74
Baked Codfish 104
Baked Frittata (omelet) 34
Baked lemon dill Flounder 106
Baked pork Chops 75
Baked salmon Crusted with sesame 105
Basic pizza dough 17
Basic polenta 48
Basic pound Cake 126
Basic Zabaglione 127
Basmati rice 48
BBQ Bratwursts 76
BBQ Coffee-Flavored Beef 77
Beef stir-Fry 78
Beef stroganoff 79
Blackened Filet mignon 80
Blueberry Cobbler 128
Brined Bratwursts 80
Bruschetta Black olive spread 23
Bruschetta with tomatoes 24
Butternut squash soup 38
Caprese (tomatoes and mozzarella) 25
Caramel-dipped oranges 129
Caribbean sweet potato pone 130
Chicken al vesuvio 81
Chicken and shrimp piedmontese 82
Chicken parmesan 85
Chicken piccata 83
Chicken Quesadilla 84
Chocolate Chip nachos 26
Ciabatta Bread 14
Coconut Corn Bread 15
Cold melon soup 39
Corn Bread with Jalapeño 16
Cream of avocado soup 40
Curried vegetables 60
easy Baked Chicken 84
egg stuffed with Crabmeat 27
eggplant parmigiana 62
Feta Cheese Chicken 86
Feta shrimp pesto salad 49
Fettuccine al prosciutto (Cured Ham) 50
Floating eggs 35
French onion soup 41
French-fried eggplant 63
Fried Halloumi Cheese 36
Fried rice Balls (arancini) 50
Fruit soup 42
Frutti di mare (seafood salad) 107
Fusilli pasta with peppers and onions 51
Gazpacho 43
German pork loin and sauerkraut 87
Gianduja (Chocolate Hazelnut) 131
Gibanica (serbian style) 28
Ginger pork loin 88
Grilled Banana Boat 132
Grilled Chicken paillard 89
Grilled Fresh Figs 29
Grilled shrimp and veggie Kabobs 108
Hawaiian Beef skewers 90
Herring 108
Jamaican Crunchy snack 133
Jamaican Fried Chicken 91
Jerusalem artichoke soup 44
lamb stew 92
linguine alle vongole 52
lobster Chowder 109
make your own nachos 30
mango Caribbean 134
mango Chicken 93
mango sherbet 134
mediterranean vegetable stew 64
Mexican Pizza 94
middle eastern pizza 30
multi-berry Crisp 135
New Zealand lamingtons 136
open-Face dripping roast Beef 95
oven-Baked Chicken with potatoes 96
paella 111
panna Cotta 137
peach Cobbler 137
penne with pesto sauce 53
pineapple salsa pork tenderloin 97
pizza Bread rosemary 17
polish meatloaf 98
polish style mussels 110
pork and Chicken Banana stew 99
primavera pasta salad 54
puerto rican rum Ball 138
Quiche 36
red lentil Curry 61
red snapper al Cartoccio 112
risotto Four Cheese 55
risotto parmigiano 56
salmon al Cartoccio 113
salmon made easy 114
scalloped potatoes 65
seafood Cioppino 115
seafood lo mein 116
serbian prebranac (lima Beans) 66
shredded Coconut rice 56
shrimp Creole 117
shrimp, scallops & Banana soup 118
sloppy Joe meatloaf 100
snow Crab Clusters on the Grill 119
south american Cookies 138
southern style Chili Con Carne 45
spaghetti with Garlic and oil 57
spicy pork 101
stuffed avocado 31
stuffed mushrooms 67
stuffed Zucchini logs 68
sun-dried tomatoes and eggs 33
sweet Feast 139
tabouli 69
tandoori Chicken 102
tropical Fruit shake 140
turkish Coffee Cake 140
two-Bean puerto rican sofritos 70
Virgin island parfaits 141
Walnut Banana Bread 18
Zeppole 141
Zucchini and Banana Bread 19
Zucchini Walnut raisin Bread 20"
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