Christian Education Celebration Feasts & Holy Days

Celebration Feasts & Holy Days

Celebration Feasts & Holy Days
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Student Edition
SKU: 333029
A new approach to studying the fests and celebrations of the Orthodox Church. Excellent for high school students, adults and converts, it follows the Church year and is designed to instruct individuals about the liturgical calendar. With more than 40 interactive lessons that can be combined or taught separately. Celebration is a complete and informative program of instruction. (Age 14+) Student Book.
Starting Over: Preparing for First Confession in the Orthodox Church
Icon Book
If We Confess Our Sins
Heroes for Truth (S)
Divine Liturgy Flip Chart
Forty Saints (T)
Forty Saints (Coloring)
What is the Orthodox Church: A Brief Overview of Orthodoxy
New Pocket Prayer Book Black Paper

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