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By: Vladimir Luchaninov, Vera Marova, et al
ISBN: 9781950067121

The fifth book in our series “Orthodoxy for Children,” this book talks about the clergy, this book helps to explain to children who the clergy are and what their role is in the life of the Church. Beginning with the Old Testament and the Temple in Jerusalem, it explains what things were like before the coming of Christ and then explains the role of clergy in the New Testament. It also explains each rank of clergy, the meaning of the vestments, and much more.
Orthodox Spirituality: A Brief introduction
A History of the Christian Church
The Epistle to the Romans: A Gospel for All
Glory and Honor
Presanctidfied Liturgy St. Gre
The Pastorals
Soap Coconut
Led By His Love
Old Testament 1: Historical Traditions

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