Books Curse of the Raven Rven SonV2

Curse of the Raven Rven SonV2

Curse of the Raven  Rven SonV2
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By: Nicholas Kotar
ISBN: 9780998847924
Book #2 of Raven Son Series

A city ruled with an iron fist. A sword-smith just trying to survive. A choice that could heal the world…or plunge it into ruin.Llun the smith is an artist at heart, content to make the most beautiful swords, nails, and horseshoes in his city. But when his smithy is visited by the grand inquisitor of the secret police, his peaceful life is at an end.He is offered a perfect job–to be the exclusive smith of the new order. Endless luxury, good food, and the freedom to create–it’s everything he ever wanted. But it comes with a price.He has to make a seemingly insignificant object–a metal flask–as a gift to the new ruler of his city. Seized by a strange inspiration, he instead creates an object of great power that can heal thousands… or lead to a war that would never end.The Curse of the Raven is a epic fantasy novella sequel to The Song of the Sirin. Early readers have called it “The Lord of the Rings meets 1984.” If you enjoy creative twists on mythology and classic fantasy, you’ll love this edge-of-your seat adventure.Buy it today to continue the adventure!
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