Books Heart of the World Raven Son 3

Heart of the World Raven Son 3

Heart of the World Raven Son 3
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By: Nicholas Kotar
ISBN: 9780998847955

A land destroyed by war. An army of giants on the rampage. Can a crippled girl heal the world before it dies?All Khaidu ever wanted was her own hunting eagle. Her ten brothers laugh at her. The rule-bound world of the Gumiren nomads has no place for a girl hunter, much less a crippled one. But Khaidu has a secret. She masters the ancient magic of eagle-binding and captures the largest eagle her tribe has ever seen.Except her eagle isn’t an eagle at all. She’s a dying queen under an enchantment. Khaidu’s binding unlocks an ancient curse of blood and loss. As the curse turns Khaidu’s people against each other, the bond between eagle and hunter shatters. To find her lost eagle, Khaidu will brave monstrous beasts, face an army of shape-shifting giants, and cross the known world…only to be faced with a terrible truth.If Khaidu cannot save the queen in time, the world itself may die with her.The Heart of the World is the third book in the Raven Son epic fantasy series. Inspired by the Russian fairy tale “Finist the Bright Falcon,” it features complex characters, gorgeous magical landscapes, and unexpected plot twists. If you like creative twists on myths and legends and classic fantasy, then you’ll love Nicholas Kotar’s sweeping tale.Buy The Heart of the World to continue the journey today!
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