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Historic Church:Orth View

Historic Church:Orth View
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Subtitle: An Orthodox View of Christian History
By: Fr. John W. Morris
ISBN: 9781456734923

Recommended for AHOS Unit I: The Christian Church from its Foundation through the 7th Century

The Historic Church is a survey of Christian history written for Orthodox Christians by an Eastern Orthodox scholar. Although one can find many excellent studies of Christian history in the United States, none of them considers the development of Christianity from an Eastern Orthodox point of view. The work begins by laying a foundation for the study of Christian history by discussing the beliefs and practices of the ancient Church, during the age of the Fathers and the Seven Ecumenical Councils. The author then discusses the development of Roman Catholicism and the theological and cultural reasons for the split between Rome and Orthodoxy, and relations between East and West following the schism. He concludes his work with a discussion the origins and historical development of every major Protestant group and tells how they differ from Orthodoxy.
Service Book of the Holy Orthodox Church (Hapgood)
Scriptural Liturgical Books
Liturgy and Tradition
On the Divine Liturgy
Imperial Unity and Christian D
Services of Initiation
For the Life of the World
On the Ecclesiasticl Mystagogy
Birth of the Trinity

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