Gifts Icon-Raphael & Tikhon 8x12

Icon-Raphael & Tikhon 8x12

Icon-Raphael & Tikhon 8x12
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St. Raphael of Brooklyn and St. Tikhon of Moscow Icon 8x12 mounted on wood

This is another reproduction of an original and unique icon in St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral. It depicts St. Raphael of Brooklyn, the founding cleric of the Cathedral community in 1895 and St. Tikhon of Moscow who actually consecrated the old St. Nicholas Cathedral on Pacific Street in Brooklyn, NY in 1902 while St. Raphael was a priest at the time. Together they are depicted holding the old St. Nicholas Cathedral in their hands. Above them is the Cathedral patron, St. Nicholas, holding the "new" Cathedral where the community would later move in 1920 and remain until the present day.
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