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By: Paul Tarazi
ISBN: 9781601910196

The Chrysostom Bible Commentary Series is not so much in honor of John Chrysostom as it is to continue and promote his legacy as an interpreter of the biblical texts for preaching and teaching God's congregation. In this volume,the author, Paul Nadim Tarazi, explains that Joshua, like most of Scripture, has been "plagued by the proof texting approach of classical theology." "Instead of asking the simple question, 'What is the book saying?'" most of us, Tarazi explains, "have been programmed to ask, 'What is the book saying concerning a certain topic?'...the'topic' we are interested in is already defined in our merely asking the question, we are already straightjacketing scripture." Rev. Dr. Paul Nadim Tarazi is Professor of Biblical Studies and Languages at St. Vladimir's Orthodox theological Seminary. He is the author of a three volume Introduction to the Old Testament, a four volume Introduction to the New Testament, Galatians: A Commentary, 1 ┬ČThessalonians: A Commentary, Land and Covenant, and the Chrysostom Bible, Genesis: A Commentary, Philippians: A Commentary, Romans: A Commentary and Colossians & Philemon: A Commentary. His Audio Bible Commentaries on the books of the New Testament are available online through the Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies (OCABS).
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