Theology The Cross Stands While the World Turns

The Cross Stands While the World Turns

The Cross Stands While the World Turns
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From the Publisher:

"The homilies collected here were delivered, and worked over, during the last decade at the Three Hierarchs’ Chapel of St Vladimir’s Seminary. These homilies follow the three main liturgical cycles of the year: the Paschal cycle, the Nativity–Theophany cycle, and the Theotokos cycle. Following these cycles has meant, inevitably, that some feasts (such as Transfiguration and the Elevation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross) are not touched, nor are those Sundays that belong to “ordinary time,” non-festal periods. Nevertheless, these cycles not only map out our year, but also our lives as we learn to grow in conformity to Christ.

"The collection of homilies by Fr John Behr appeals to a wide audience. Covering the feasts and fasts of the liturgical year of the Church, this book can be read throughout the year. Succinct and limited in length, these homilies are nonetheless rich in substance and impart invaluable insight to the attentive reader. Clearly, the author’s deep theological knowledge and liturgical expertise are discernable and duly appreciated throughout the book." ~Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek"
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