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Friends of Christ-January

Friends of Christ-January
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By: New Rome Press
ISBN: 9781939028518

Introducing Friends of Christ, a new twelve volume hardcover series of books for young people. Each beautifully illustrated volume contains the lives of five Saints, which take children on a journey where the real events of history inspire them to love the Lord and His wondrous deeds in the lives of the Friends of Christ!

The January volume contains the lives of : St. Basil the Great (Jan 1), St. George the Neo-Martyr of Ioannina (Jan 17), St. Mark of Ephesus (Jan 19), the Venerable Ascetic Xenia (Jan 24), and the Venerable Ascetics Xenofon, his wife Maria and their two children Arkadios and John (Jan 26).

Each volume includes a large decal.
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